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Another Jamaicanjerk Compilation
March 11, 2009, 2:26 am
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Beats that make me go blind with pleasure

  1. Shower Party – James Pants
  2. Chopstyle – Madlib
  3. So Beautiful – Musiq Soulchild
  4. M.I.L.F – 88 Keys feat. Bilal
  5. Another Victim – 88 Keys
  6. On the Hill – Sound Directions
  7. Latin Lips – The Invaders (EDIT: Found the title! This is seriously too hot a track…)
  8. The Funky Side of Life – Sound Directions
  9. No. I said I LIKED you – 88 Keys
  10. Pyramids – Madlib
  11. Snake Charmer – Madlib
  12. Blaze Bonus – Oh No
  13. Victory – Oh No
  14. Bigga Jigga (Cookin Soul Remix) – B.I.G and Jay-Z
  15. Coffee Cold – Oh No feat. Fergus Macroy
  16. Song 2 – DJ Krush
  17. Caged Birdsong – Aloe Blacc
  18. Clouds Observer – The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra
  19. Sunrays – Yesterdays New Quintet
  20. Flower of Life – Yesterdays New Quintet
  21. Runnin’ – The Pharcyde
  22. Waterfalls – TLC
  23. Gypsy MC – Jason Mraz
  24. Your Ex-Lover is Dead – Stars
  25. Outro – Percee P

The aural terrain of this one is nasty. If Lance Armstrong could ride this mix, he’d say it was fun. Back to the basics with this one, it has a bunch of ups and downs, and in my experience, that is what makes a mix last.

Cop it for phreee


March 2, 2009, 12:26 am
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Gosh, it’s been very long since I’ve posted. So much for posting at least once a week. It’s officially March, and I have a great day job. Still no night job but that’s always a labor of love, so I’m not worried. I’m spending my days listening to a one month old playlist, and it’s definitely time for a new one. Which means I should prepare the metaphorical Jeep for an ideological music hunt. It’s an exciting time to be getting grips with 2009, and I find myself digging my toes in the dirt for a spirited sprint to steal second base. It’s definitely something I would very much  give an internal but boisterous “huzzah” at least once a day.

Speaking of the daily I blame my lack of blogging on a definite spike in illicit online activity due to me joining the twitter army. And by illicit, I mean feeling like finding things this  awesome online should be illegal. The future of this app could be the most useful form of collective intelligence for your PDA phone. Now to get me one of them phones so I can twitpic pictures of awesome things. Palm Pre vs. iPhone?

Meanwhile, groove to some music, I’ll catch you on the flipular side.

February 12, 2009, 12:18 pm
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Props to Ian and Owen for the power’s of ten feel for their blog, this looks like a good way to spend a birthday! But no, I shall take Ian’s time machine for a spin, now.

1 Minute Ago: Cyber-stalking celebrities in my new obsession for documenting my life, Twitter. Rhymefest is up to something.

1 Hour Ago: I was in bed awake wondering if I should run this morning but I forgot to charge the iPod last night. Cheap excuse but the bed was just too comfy and warm.

1 Day Ago: I was running to 51st and Telegraph and noticed that I ran the route that I would see if I was driving back to my apartment in Berkeley from Soledad. In Soledad, I would run a similar route where I would pass by the things I would see on the way home. It reminded me of Initial D where they would go over the track they would race in that night on foot so they could appreciate what they’d be passing by at 60 mph.

1 Month Ago: It was the Monday I just came back from my trip to LA and my parents came back home early that morning from San Jose and were still asleep. My grandpa had been taken to the hospital on Sunday because of a high fever just weeks after a new blood transfusion. Things are looking grim, and I was singing passionate karaoke just days ago. My mom’s birthday will be the day after, and I took her out to for her favorite: returning the things she got for Christmas. We talk about how Lolo looked in the hospital. She tells me he jokes that he’s going to hurry it up because my Titas and Tito Boy from the Philippines’ visitor’s visas won’t allow them to stay in the States for much longer.

1 Year Ago: Looks like it was about the time us seniors just came back from Tahoe, and I’m feeling anxious that the people around me are starting to gravitate on to bigger and better things. The playlists I brought on this trip/made in this era are: Frequencies that make me want to go extra hard, Frequencies that make me want to step on clouds, Rythms that make me want to keep on keepin’ on, and Rythms that make me want to straight up tell a girl she’s hot. It doesn’t feel like a recession, but I feel stressed. Amongst pasae-renades, my spirited but conceited participation in Industrial Design class, my struggle to stay afloat in my Discrete Event Simulation class, and the resulting I-love-to-talk-shit demeanor, I force myself to grab on to some time and wonder if I’m doing what I have to be doing. I remind myself that I am the project manager for my Lonely Planet senior project, and yes, indeed, this is what I’ve been created to do. My peers that I look up to await acceptance to great grad schools, I’m feenin’ to do the same. Thanks for the swift kick/slap on the back, Mr. Marlin in New York, Mr. Rodriguez in LA, Ms. Prudencio in LA, Mr. Anandarajah in Berkeley, Mr. Szeto in Palo Alto, and Ms. Cordova in LA.

I think I’m going to run now.

Working Backwards

Thanks for showin’ love!

I made this new CD the other day, and with this one I worked backwards from the last good albums I’ve heard, aka Estelle’s The 18th Day… and Nneka’s Victim of Truth, aka the women of my life thus far. I would say, I feel these albums are definitely of more of a chill frequency compared to their newer albums, which I particularly need right now. Q-Tip’s new album was great too, so I threw in his stuff under his alias, Kamaal the Abstract. (Plus Foreign Exchange’s Leave It All Behind) And finally, to round it out, some Slum Village and Pharcyde. (Cop out, I know, Slum Village always round it out…)

1. Dance With Me – Estelle
2. Crazy – Estelle
3. Hey Girl – Estelle, J. Legend
4. I Wanna Know – The Foreign Exchange
5. Barely in Love – Q-Tip
6. Validiction – The Foreign Exchange
7. Sometimes (Remix) – The Brand New Heavies, Q-Tip
8. Runnin’ – The Pharcyde
9. Tell Me – Slum Village, D’Angelo
10. Forth & Back – Slum Village
11. Once Upon a Time – Slum Village, P. Rock
12. Get Thy Bearings – Connie Price & The Keystones
13. God of Mercy – Nneka
14. Criminal – The Roots, Truck North, Saigon
15. Showin’ Love – Nneka
16. Three Kings, Ratatat Remix – Slim Thug, TI, Bun B.
17. 2u4u – Slum Village
18. Medieval – Dangermouse, The Pharcyde
19. 1980 – Estelle

I was starting to get pissed that I can’t listen to the lists I put up in here, so I plan to start an imeem account so I can do what y’all savvy bloggers have already been doing. (My first idea was to try to stick the CD’s I’ve burned onto the screen. Blogs aren’t bulletin boards, Jarrett Bato.) That way, I can just plug it the Internets to some speakers when I make my new mixes. Whoo hoo! If I happen to give you a ride somewhere on my station wagon/love machine, I will gladly give you the copy I have in my car.  (Her name’s Ester.)

I’ve found some difficulty naming this mix, right now it’s named Music that makes me feel like doing the Christopher Walken in the White House, or the Walken in the White House Mix for short. Or maybe plainly the Music that makes me feel barely in love… in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. (ech) Next post: Jamaicanjerk Imeem Radio Station Launch Party.

Designing Engineer
December 31, 2008, 5:46 pm
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A vision of my future came just in time for the new year. Or rather, in the most recent episode of Future Cars. They say the future awaits with an increased attention to virtualization. Starting with the manufacturing side, carmakers are utilizing computer simulation to run tests that were traditionally done physically, and painstakingly. New cars would come in generations not because that was the length of people’s attention spans back then, but because the tests required for the cars to be put in the market would simply take that long. Wind tunnel, crash, and even performance tests would take years to complete, and at present, virtualization and simulation helped in greatly reducing the time a product would turnover. This seemingly shortening cycle is evident in our modern times, where (in the automobile’s case) a car’s success came in how long a person remembered a particular model’s name. Factors include reliability, performance, comfort, and luxury, but all this would sum to a word almost every designer would utter at least once in any given sentence: emotion.

The phrase “evoking emotion” is something I’ve been trying to decipher for a while now. I’ve felt over the years I’ve managed to capture and lose its true meaning to cumulatively come to what I feel is slow progress. Design was always somewhat of a “pig’s flying” or “fat lady singing” kind of concept for me, because (like the show said) the occupation was reserved for a blessed few. Only hundreds of “enlightened” individuals all over the world would emerge in GM’s sought-after design internships, and would get tested among design elites. How am I supposed to compete with that, especially with an engineering (and not art) background?

Glimmers of hope exist among  the great engineering grad students I am privileged to know, and even in the work I’ve done over the years. I will keep discouragement here to a minimum because I really do believe only action answers that existential question.

I do want to explore the interface between design and engineering. An interesting quote in the show I mentioned was that an increased focus on virtualization and simulation might eventually allow designers to “engineer” in a virtual world inside a computer (imagine a designer queueing his or her design to “rent” the virtual wind tunnel test “room” in a computer lab). Vice versa, an engineer would allow his or her engineering concepts (like the novel Naro design by Prodrive) to explore different physical designs instantly with computer simulation (4 wheels, or 3; 4 doors, or a clamshell?).

That’s what the logistical side would look like, while in the end the design would still require that emotion. Like the feeling of honoring a retired and long-running model with a re-imagined concept (Ford GT40), or knowing the exact way of shutting the driver side door so it stays closed in an epic and enlightening cross-country road trip with your grandpa. Or maybe designing a whole world for a future where your existence would be equivalent and interconnected with artificially created life, like in the world of Blade Runner.


Meet Syd Mead, the visionary behind the stunning world of Blade Runner. The ultimate futurist himself, I truly believe he is the ultimate combination of philosopher, engineer, designer, and romantic. It’s like as I go through life, I find out about these amazing people doing amazing things that are relevant to such interdisciplinary point of views. It’s like breeding a Mewtwo with a Blastoise to get the ultimate psychic/physical-type pokemon. (Inappropriate?)

Anyway, I just would like to share my excitement in my discovery of a confirmation of my beliefs. I hope your new year’s similarly inspired. See you in 2009!

The Creative Process
December 12, 2008, 1:33 pm
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Drawing Pictures
December 3, 2008, 12:38 pm
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A common buzzword is presentation skills. I think I’m beginning to understand what that really means. It simply means expressing yourself as clearly as possible. It involves speech, body language, and what I summarize as “drawing skills.” And by drawing skills, they’re skills that go into making metaphors and allegories in general. It involves making connections, physically and mentally sketching a scenario, writing scripts, starting dialogue, questioning context…brainstorming.

As I wonder how artists continue to exist in our world, I feel they always have to put their visions on hold to address “real-world” tasks on hand. Now I realize that “putting them on hold” means remembering them in some way or fashion, with bookmarks, post-it’s, a sketch, or with metaphors.

I’ve decided that my ultimate creation will be sustainable. If you think about it, music’s the most sustainable form of media-history because there’s some worth in holding the physical object that makes music in the first place, be they the musical instruments themselves, or the tapes and records that music is recorded on. People don’t mind (and sometimes prefer) keeping and passing on mixtapes, CD’s, or MP3’s. I’ve gotta invent something just as awesome.

Inspired by the Lisa Ang, check out my virtual zoo.