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Another Jamaicanjerk Compilation
March 11, 2009, 2:26 am
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Beats that make me go blind with pleasure

  1. Shower Party – James Pants
  2. Chopstyle – Madlib
  3. So Beautiful – Musiq Soulchild
  4. M.I.L.F – 88 Keys feat. Bilal
  5. Another Victim – 88 Keys
  6. On the Hill – Sound Directions
  7. Latin Lips – The Invaders (EDIT: Found the title! This is seriously too hot a track…)
  8. The Funky Side of Life – Sound Directions
  9. No. I said I LIKED you – 88 Keys
  10. Pyramids – Madlib
  11. Snake Charmer – Madlib
  12. Blaze Bonus – Oh No
  13. Victory – Oh No
  14. Bigga Jigga (Cookin Soul Remix) – B.I.G and Jay-Z
  15. Coffee Cold – Oh No feat. Fergus Macroy
  16. Song 2 – DJ Krush
  17. Caged Birdsong – Aloe Blacc
  18. Clouds Observer – The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra
  19. Sunrays – Yesterdays New Quintet
  20. Flower of Life – Yesterdays New Quintet
  21. Runnin’ – The Pharcyde
  22. Waterfalls – TLC
  23. Gypsy MC – Jason Mraz
  24. Your Ex-Lover is Dead – Stars
  25. Outro – Percee P

The aural terrain of this one is nasty. If Lance Armstrong could ride this mix, he’d say it was fun. Back to the basics with this one, it has a bunch of ups and downs, and in my experience, that is what makes a mix last.

Cop it for phreee


March 2, 2009, 12:26 am
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Gosh, it’s been very long since I’ve posted. So much for posting at least once a week. It’s officially March, and I have a great day job. Still no night job but that’s always a labor of love, so I’m not worried. I’m spending my days listening to a one month old playlist, and it’s definitely time for a new one. Which means I should prepare the metaphorical Jeep for an ideological music hunt. It’s an exciting time to be getting grips with 2009, and I find myself digging my toes in the dirt for a spirited sprint to steal second base. It’s definitely something I would very much  give an internal but boisterous “huzzah” at least once a day.

Speaking of the daily I blame my lack of blogging on a definite spike in illicit online activity due to me joining the twitter army. And by illicit, I mean feeling like finding things this  awesome online should be illegal. The future of this app could be the most useful form of collective intelligence for your PDA phone. Now to get me one of them phones so I can twitpic pictures of awesome things. Palm Pre vs. iPhone?

Meanwhile, groove to some music, I’ll catch you on the flipular side.

Working Backwards

Thanks for showin’ love!

I made this new CD the other day, and with this one I worked backwards from the last good albums I’ve heard, aka Estelle’s The 18th Day… and Nneka’s Victim of Truth, aka the women of my life thus far. I would say, I feel these albums are definitely of more of a chill frequency compared to their newer albums, which I particularly need right now. Q-Tip’s new album was great too, so I threw in his stuff under his alias, Kamaal the Abstract. (Plus Foreign Exchange’s Leave It All Behind) And finally, to round it out, some Slum Village and Pharcyde. (Cop out, I know, Slum Village always round it out…)

1. Dance With Me – Estelle
2. Crazy – Estelle
3. Hey Girl – Estelle, J. Legend
4. I Wanna Know – The Foreign Exchange
5. Barely in Love – Q-Tip
6. Validiction – The Foreign Exchange
7. Sometimes (Remix) – The Brand New Heavies, Q-Tip
8. Runnin’ – The Pharcyde
9. Tell Me – Slum Village, D’Angelo
10. Forth & Back – Slum Village
11. Once Upon a Time – Slum Village, P. Rock
12. Get Thy Bearings – Connie Price & The Keystones
13. God of Mercy – Nneka
14. Criminal – The Roots, Truck North, Saigon
15. Showin’ Love – Nneka
16. Three Kings, Ratatat Remix – Slim Thug, TI, Bun B.
17. 2u4u – Slum Village
18. Medieval – Dangermouse, The Pharcyde
19. 1980 – Estelle

I was starting to get pissed that I can’t listen to the lists I put up in here, so I plan to start an imeem account so I can do what y’all savvy bloggers have already been doing. (My first idea was to try to stick the CD’s I’ve burned onto the screen. Blogs aren’t bulletin boards, Jarrett Bato.) That way, I can just plug it the Internets to some speakers when I make my new mixes. Whoo hoo! If I happen to give you a ride somewhere on my station wagon/love machine, I will gladly give you the copy I have in my car.  (Her name’s Ester.)

I’ve found some difficulty naming this mix, right now it’s named Music that makes me feel like doing the Christopher Walken in the White House, or the Walken in the White House Mix for short. Or maybe plainly the Music that makes me feel barely in love… in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. (ech) Next post: Jamaicanjerk Imeem Radio Station Launch Party.

Year of the Ox
January 26, 2009, 1:03 am
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Gong Hei Fat Choy!

It’s all about consistency = prosperity this year for all you fellow year of the oxen, so I decided to stop running around trying to find new music in the “new” sense of things and ask myself what do I consistently look for in music that I want to listen to? It’s all in the chill factor. Chill can come in familiar, nostalgic, or whimsical flavors, and examples can be found in every-which-where. And not to be confused with Cool, Chill might force dance-like motion, while dancing to Cool music would probably be uncool.

Props to my main Korean man Spencer “Yoonscy” Yoon for letting me play Little Big Planet the other day, and subsequently making me look for the soundtrack.

Feast your ears on DJ Krush and other artists making the excellent soundtrack for this crazy game. The only other game that made me want to dl the soundtrack was Katamari Damacy. Chilllll

yup those cans don’t move

The Pilgrimage



new watch

picture in picture

all growed up

lucky shot

sunny in january

fixed gears in LA =? irony

star studded

in repair, not together but it's getting there

the pilgrimage

This holiday season has concluded with what feels was my real new year’s celebration.

Just a couple notes about the trip for future reference.

  1. Next time bring good walking/running shoes.
  2. Instrumental CDs are not good for conversation rides; utilize the sing-a-longs.
  3. When in doubt, Karaoke Bar. Nothin’ out your mouth but the anthems of our generation. I’m positive my future wife will be in a karaoke bar. I will find you.
  4. My Soledad driving skills annoy LA drivers and I love it. (Sorry I can’t hear you over me singing Usher and riding 65 mph)
  5. Visiting college campuses is clutch. I should’ve brought my camera, or at least backpack and a purposeful stride.
  6. It’s all about friends of friends of friends.
  7. “Man laws about women objectify women. All’s fair.” – One wise man in San Diego.
  8. 1 out of 7 pictures seem to turn out pretty good when I keep the Canon in the passenger seat and snap as the sun sets.
  9. Sara Bareilles put out a surprisingly good album. (eep)
  10. The Forester drives like a champ! Need to fix that body roll, and perhaps a flat-six engine swap for that cruising speed.

My life is due for innovation.

Road Trip
January 4, 2009, 1:22 am
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  • Unique tracks covering ~6 hours
  • Familiar, but consistently revealing
  • Thoughtful and thematic
  • Read between the genres

Results: Road Trip, Volume I-V.

  • Thought (Instrumental)
  1. Day Eight – Explosions in the Sky
  2. Catastrophe and the Cure – Explosions in the Sky
  3. Day Six – Explosions in the Sky
  4. The Long Spring – Explosions in the Sky
  5. With Tired Eyes, … We Slept – Explosions in the Sky
  6. The Only Moment We’re Alone – Explosions in the Sky
  7. A Song for Our Fathers – Explosions in the Sky
  8. Remember Me As Time of Day – Explosions in the Sky
  9. The Moon is Down – Explosions in the Sky
  10. Ratts of the Capital – Mogwai
  11. Guilty Cubicles – Broken Social Scene
  • Love
  1. The Look of Love – Slum Village
  2. The Light – Common
  3. Ms. Jackson – Outkast
  4. Highlights – Van Hunt
  5. Break You Off – Roots + Musiq
  6. Symptom Unknown – Maxwell
  7. Warning Sign – Coldplay
  8. Sparks – Coldplay
  9. Come Around – Foreign Exchange
  10. Living (Interlude) – India Arie
  11. To Zion – Lauryn Hill
  12. Love and Happiness – Al Green
  13. Nothing Even Matters – Lauryn Hill
  14. Butterflies – Micheal Jackson
  15. Say You Will – Brandy
  16. Priceless – Joe
  • Power
  1. Glasgow Mega-Snake – Mogwai
  2. Roulette Dares – The Mars Volta
  3. Pioneer to the Falls – Interpol
  4. June – RJD2
  5. Ready To Fly – Giant Panda
  6. Rock Co.Kane Flow – De La Soul + MF Doom
  7. Shabach – The Procussions
  8. Know That – Mos Def + Kweli
  9. What More Can I Say – Jay Z in the Grey Album
  10. Champion Requiem – Mos Def
  11. Success – Jay Z
  12. Can’t Forget About You – Nas
  13. In the Music – The Roots
  14. Take it There – The Roots
  15. Much More – De La Soul
  16. No Alibi – The Roots
  17. Clock With No Hands – The Roots
  • Spirit (Mostly Instrumental)
  1. You Are The Way You Are (Instrumental) – Marvin Gaye
  2. Ghetto Child – Ahmad Jamal
  3. After The Dance (Instrumental) – Marvin Gaye
  4. The Hidden Track in Crown City Rockers’ first album (When they were called The Mission, album called One)
  5. Here’s What’s Left Remix – RJD2
  6. 3rd Gear – Z-Trip
  7. Tsurugi No Mai – Nujabes
  8. May-December – Mos Def
  9. I Think I Got a Beat – Hi-Tek + his kid
  10. Come Get It – Hi-Tek
  11. 1983 – Flying Lotus
  12. It’s All Part of A Bigger Plan – Diplo
  13. How Do You Really Feel? – Breakestra
  14. Gettysburg – Ratatat
  15. Falcon Jab – Ratatat
  16. Imperials – Ratatat
  17. Black Heroes – Ratatat
  18. Avril 14th – Aphex Twin
  • Pray/Purpose
  1. All Fired Up – Interpol
  2. The Scale – Interpol
  3. What Do You Think – Interpol
  4. Death Letter – The White Stripes
  5. A Little Better – Gnarls Barkley
  6. St. Elsewhere – Gnarls Barkley
  7. Little People – The Procussions
  8. Jimminy Cricket – The Procussions
  9. Growing Pains – Ludacris
  10. Concrete Schoolyard – Jurassic 5
  11. Dreams – Little Brother
  12. Passing Me By – The Pharcyde
  13. Let it Ride – Heiroglyphics
  14. 93 ’til Infinity – Heiroglyphics
  15. The Who (Remix) – Heiroglyphics
  16. Kiss of Life – Sade
  17. Linger – The Cranberries
  18. See You Soon – Coldplay
  19. Home – Simple Minds
  20. Staring at the Sun – TV on the Radio

Note: I’ve abandoned my golden rule of tracks not appearing in multiple playlists, so there there are songs here that are repeated on my other playlists. The process for these lists is actually looking through the lists I’ve already made, especially the ones I haven’t been listening to. I’ve actually tried editing existing playlists to include other songs I’ve liked, even if they were repeats just to try what it feels like to constantly edit a playlist as I listen to them. I’m beginning to see better playlists, but certain tracks produce the effect of me anticipating another following track, which can be disrupting. It seems I have to find a middle ground.


Musiq AutoTuned
December 25, 2008, 8:18 pm
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Music videos are only the beginning…

Just Friends

Merry Christmas!