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Yikes I suck at this
June 22, 2017, 10:13 am
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Documentation via writing is really hard and unintuitive to start unless you lower the bar for yourself. At very best, the best authors in the world smash vast spaces of ideas into a 1-dimensional language transfer device like books or blogs in hopes to transmit maybe 50% of the intended ideas to the audience. Authors might try and try again with more books, blogs, pictures, movies, sequels. But if they had a way to transmit their thoughts comprehensively with infinite bandwidth then they wouldn’t be trying to wrestle and mold language into the shape of their intention. But they and we keep trying.

Anyways, that’s a douchy way to say that I suck at blogging since my last weak vows to try to write more intentionally, more frequently.


Boxing is fun. Probably the most consistent I’ve been about exercise in a long time and I knock on wood everyday that I keep it going forever. Maybe I need to learn how to kick too.