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August 15, 2016, 11:22 am
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August 8, 2016, 3:54 pm
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I’m finding myself referencing the “Timeless way of Building” again to help me through a self-imposed designer’s block. The biggest lesson in the book is the word Quality, which is actually framed as “The Quality without a Name”.

It’s elusive as a concept because it escapes language as a way to describe wholly from one person to another, it needs concrete examples to fully demonstrate. Probably even with examples the entire meaning cannot be fully captured and it remains elusive because context changes, time moves on, and perspectives renew.

However, this book describes the Quality without a Name tangentially with other words like Alive, Whole, Comfortable, Free, Exact, Egoless, Eternal.

It also describes it as a configurational milestone influenced by the relationships and context surrounding a built environment, a balance of the system of forces that achieves the words above.

I just find it awesome that a word could mean nothing and something positive at the same time. i.e. “This thing has certain qualities.” and “This thing is quality thing.” Even though the word can be modified with negative connotations (i.e. “This thing is full of bad qualities.”) the greater implication is that qualities exist and that bad qualities can be transformed into good qualities.

I guess this brings me to a recurring theme about process around product-building. Discipline in design is discipline in process and that begins always on context. A speaker came by some time ago and acknowledged the ground she stood on before her talk, and I couldn’t forget it. Jarrett < Broadview < Ballard < Berkeley < Salinas < Fairfax < Ras Tanura. Somehow I need to infuse it in my process.