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Designing Engineer
December 31, 2008, 5:46 pm
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A vision of my future came just in time for the new year. Or rather, in the most recent episode of Future Cars. They say the future awaits with an increased attention to virtualization. Starting with the manufacturing side, carmakers are utilizing computer simulation to run tests that were traditionally done physically, and painstakingly. New cars would come in generations not because that was the length of people’s attention spans back then, but because the tests required for the cars to be put in the market would simply take that long. Wind tunnel, crash, and even performance tests would take years to complete, and at present, virtualization and simulation helped in greatly reducing the time a product would turnover. This seemingly shortening cycle is evident in our modern times, where (in the automobile’s case) a car’s success came in how long a person remembered a particular model’s name. Factors include reliability, performance, comfort, and luxury, but all this would sum to a word almost every designer would utter at least once in any given sentence: emotion.

The phrase “evoking emotion” is something I’ve been trying to decipher for a while now. I’ve felt over the years I’ve managed to capture and lose its true meaning to cumulatively come to what I feel is slow progress. Design was always somewhat of a “pig’s flying” or “fat lady singing” kind of concept for me, because (like the show said) the occupation was reserved for a blessed few. Only hundreds of “enlightened” individuals all over the world would emerge in GM’s sought-after design internships, and would get tested among design elites. How am I supposed to compete with that, especially with an engineering (and not art) background?

Glimmers of hope exist among  the great engineering grad students I am privileged to know, and even in the work I’ve done over the years. I will keep discouragement here to a minimum because I really do believe only action answers that existential question.

I do want to explore the interface between design and engineering. An interesting quote in the show I mentioned was that an increased focus on virtualization and simulation might eventually allow designers to “engineer” in a virtual world inside a computer (imagine a designer queueing his or her design to “rent” the virtual wind tunnel test “room” in a computer lab). Vice versa, an engineer would allow his or her engineering concepts (like the novel Naro design by Prodrive) to explore different physical designs instantly with computer simulation (4 wheels, or 3; 4 doors, or a clamshell?).

That’s what the logistical side would look like, while in the end the design would still require that emotion. Like the feeling of honoring a retired and long-running model with a re-imagined concept (Ford GT40), or knowing the exact way of shutting the driver side door so it stays closed in an epic and enlightening cross-country road trip with your grandpa. Or maybe designing a whole world for a future where your existence would be equivalent and interconnected with artificially created life, like in the world of Blade Runner.


Meet Syd Mead, the visionary behind the stunning world of Blade Runner. The ultimate futurist himself, I truly believe he is the ultimate combination of philosopher, engineer, designer, and romantic. It’s like as I go through life, I find out about these amazing people doing amazing things that are relevant to such interdisciplinary point of views. It’s like breeding a Mewtwo with a Blastoise to get the ultimate psychic/physical-type pokemon. (Inappropriate?)

Anyway, I just would like to share my excitement in my discovery of a confirmation of my beliefs. I hope your new year’s similarly inspired. See you in 2009!


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
December 28, 2008, 12:05 am
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This is a treatise of the 3 hour movie.

There aren’t many 3 hour movies out there, and when they do come out, you’ll certainly hear about it. You start to hear all kinds of whining once the movie comes out, comments ranging from “When is the movie going to end?” to “Yeesh, I should’ve brought a pillow.” The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a 3 hour movie, and adding in the previews (Noted: The Wrestler and Duplicity) and the fact that it takes circa 30 minutes to get to the nearest movie theater from the secluded zombie safe-town of Soledad, CA, (Don’t fret, the makers of US industrialization is installing a theater soon) I could’ve been well on my way to earning enough Fit points to make my Nintendo Wii stop whining whenever I step on the goddamn board. (Obese?! Alright, alright, you don’t have to rub it in you stupid video game.)

But I digress, I did say this was a treatise for the 3 hour movie. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was certainly a triumph, with my only complaints being that Brad Pitt should stop showing off. (I get it, your good looks are timeless. You really don’t have to use Benjamin Button to show off the motorcycle and awesome vintage clothing skills. And naked sex on the beach with Cate? Get outta heerrre…) Cate Blanchett is stunning, you couldn’t pry my eyes off the screen whenever she came on. And Taraji Henson was a surprise hit; without her, the film would’ve been as dry as crackers. (Rimshot? No?) I did know before watching the film that it was cutting close to the mythical 3 hour movie-industry boundary of no return, but I found each scene to be so rich in details that it was hard to look away from what Benjamin Button realized with his condition: that absolutely anything was possible.

Set in New Orleans, the scenes looked gorgeous on the big screen, and the film was masterfully juxtaposed with the Hurricane Katrina disaster throwing clocks back to remind us what really is important. I also read the short story before heading out to the movies, and the message Fitzgerald was sending out was definitely there, minus the racism. I told you Ms. Henson helped out with the cracker situation. Some of the actual events written by F. Scott were also changed for the big screen, but I think it was definitely for the better. Watch the movie!

What I’ve been doing since break started:

  1. Episode 1-50:  Hajime No Ippo
  2. Eating/Sleeping
  3. Sonny & Sonny 2
  4. Sleeping/Eating
  5. Wii Fit+Sports+Music+Mario Kart
  6. Sleeping and Eating simultaneously
  7. Trippin’ on 2009

Musiq AutoTuned
December 25, 2008, 8:18 pm
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Music videos are only the beginning…

Just Friends

Merry Christmas!

Slumdog Millionaire
December 23, 2008, 9:53 pm
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What a great movie. I really think this movie would have really been glossed over if I wasn’t so hungry for a legit feel-good movie. (I refuse to sink to the High School Musical level. Nev0r).

In addition, this would have easily been a Filipino movie. The main character’s travels from the slums (= squatters) to Mumbai (= Makati) and then to Bombay (= Manila) hits just the right chords. Plus, they even played M.I.A. at the hustlin’ scene because it’s such a hustler song.

This movie makes me want to make a movie. Serious. Plus, my one hot Indian friend looks just like the main actress. Shout out to Lahini, you look just like Latika, haha.

The Creative Process
December 12, 2008, 1:33 pm
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Truth, Faith, and Trust
December 6, 2008, 10:58 pm
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“You’re still my idol,” Pacquiao told him.

“No, you’re my idol,” De La Hoya said.

Published: December 7, 2008

Captain Philippines

Drawing Pictures
December 3, 2008, 12:38 pm
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A common buzzword is presentation skills. I think I’m beginning to understand what that really means. It simply means expressing yourself as clearly as possible. It involves speech, body language, and what I summarize as “drawing skills.” And by drawing skills, they’re skills that go into making metaphors and allegories in general. It involves making connections, physically and mentally sketching a scenario, writing scripts, starting dialogue, questioning context…brainstorming.

As I wonder how artists continue to exist in our world, I feel they always have to put their visions on hold to address “real-world” tasks on hand. Now I realize that “putting them on hold” means remembering them in some way or fashion, with bookmarks, post-it’s, a sketch, or with metaphors.

I’ve decided that my ultimate creation will be sustainable. If you think about it, music’s the most sustainable form of media-history because there’s some worth in holding the physical object that makes music in the first place, be they the musical instruments themselves, or the tapes and records that music is recorded on. People don’t mind (and sometimes prefer) keeping and passing on mixtapes, CD’s, or MP3’s. I’ve gotta invent something just as awesome.

Inspired by the Lisa Ang, check out my virtual zoo.