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Whhy sso sserious?
July 18, 2008, 7:33 am
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I need to clear my head. This can’t just be a flip of a coin. This cannot have come by sheer luck. Was it all a plan? Or the eery coincidences of chaos within the veil of control? 

Even as I looked upon the city at 6 A.M. I doubt those issues are less relevant as I gaze at a particular building’s equal potential for grappling-hook shenanigans and uncontrolled guerilla destruction. The only difference is that we’re not looking upon a screen begging to know what happens next. As you can tell, you just gotta see the movie. I haven’t even begun to think about Heath Ledger’s perfect performance when I still have to deliberate over the emergence of a deep binary in Gotham City. Power seems to exist only to attract those worthy to dethrone it. 

Speaking of the worthy, word on the street is that Heath Ledger already won an Oscar for The Dark Knight. Well you know what I could care less. Being immortalized as the fundamentally lopsided symbol of the human condition is probably good enough for little Ms. Brokeback, ‘cuz he was off the chain. 

Literally. His character exudes the definition of “mad,” and it will send shivers down your backbone, but will also tickle the same primal urge to kick Cyclops’ boy-scout ass and just fuck shit up. He really makes me think about the real border between anarchy and order, and how it comes down to someone just taking a stand. And also (apparently) cutting a permanent smile on your crudely painted face while wearing a pretty dress. And blowing up buildings. On the cheap may I add. 

I’m down. Mwahhahahaha…


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best movie ever.
it seriously made me speechless after.
just thinking about harvey dent and
and morality, and being the hero, being the villain…

and then 30 minutes later, i just got really really sad.
knowing that heath ledger will never continue that role.

Comment by Angeli

1st off…pencils scare the creep the hell out of me
2nd, ledger and eckhart were the shit. sorry christian bale. good non-spoiler post, i was (and am) developing my own blog analysis

Comment by Mark

Yea, came out of the movie like…

“Hey, I learned two magic tricks today! 1.) Disappearing pencil. 2.) Can magically make you sad and scared at the same exact time. (Just say, “Psst. Joker.” ) ”

Too soon?

Comment by jamaicanjerk

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