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Whhy sso sserious?
July 18, 2008, 7:33 am
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I need to clear my head. This can’t just be a flip of a coin. This cannot have come by sheer luck. Was it all a plan? Or the eery coincidences of chaos within the veil of control? 

Even as I looked upon the city at 6 A.M. I doubt those issues are less relevant as I gaze at a particular building’s equal potential for grappling-hook shenanigans and uncontrolled guerilla destruction. The only difference is that we’re not looking upon a screen begging to know what happens next. As you can tell, you just gotta see the movie. I haven’t even begun to think about Heath Ledger’s perfect performance when I still have to deliberate over the emergence of a deep binary in Gotham City. Power seems to exist only to attract those worthy to dethrone it. 

Speaking of the worthy, word on the street is that Heath Ledger already won an Oscar for The Dark Knight. Well you know what I could care less. Being immortalized as the fundamentally lopsided symbol of the human condition is probably good enough for little Ms. Brokeback, ‘cuz he was off the chain. 

Literally. His character exudes the definition of “mad,” and it will send shivers down your backbone, but will also tickle the same primal urge to kick Cyclops’ boy-scout ass and just fuck shit up. He really makes me think about the real border between anarchy and order, and how it comes down to someone just taking a stand. And also (apparently) cutting a permanent smile on your crudely painted face while wearing a pretty dress. And blowing up buildings. On the cheap may I add. 

I’m down. Mwahhahahaha…


July 17, 2008, 9:18 pm
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I guess I should’ve watched this when it came out. BOUNCE.

Graveshift Mach 5
July 16, 2008, 1:13 am
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Mach 5 Night Patrol

Mach 5 Night Patrol

I finally got bike lights. I was riding stealth mode for a while now, but now I can ride knowing someone can see me. Cuz the bike is seriously hella hot now. And they’re so nice and rubbery. 



They come in all kinds of colors!

They come in all kinds of colors!

I will pounce on your Mac like a Kung-Fu Panda
July 14, 2008, 8:53 pm
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To do: 

Hack a Macbook Air with this at an Apple store. (Macbook Airs are more likely to be picked up.) 

Who’d a thunk it? And please listen to this funky-licious track by Fly-Lo the magnificent as you browse the aforementioned amazing website. 1983 by Flying Lotus

“Nothing ends, Adrian…”
July 4, 2008, 12:40 am
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“Nothing ever ends.”

Short Version: Read The Watchmen by Alan Moore. Chapter 9 is my favorite, naturally. The movie comes out next year. Think 300

Long Version: So for the past week, I was craving something deep to read. Real deep. Like something heavy, something so profound that after rereading the last line on the last page for the fourth time it’ll make you want to sit back in your armchair, take your glasses off, and let loose a huge dormant sigh that has been trapped in your soul for quite some time. You then look out into the stars and contemplate upon life and your existence as our universe hurls in no particular direction in space. I was recommended a book called The Giver by Lois Lowry, which shall remain in my reading list. But I wanted something more accessible, something in a media form that catches me at a state at which my senses could comprehend. My roommate gave me a book chronicling the evolution of the comic strip as it matures into an art form worthy of expressing complex emotions, so I figured I’d do some research in the graphic novel genre. 

I started with the mainstream, easily accessible with this summer’s Ironman and The Incredible Hulk films. Looking backwards from that (when doing research, I tend to look for more “pure” forms, which usually leads me to history, and the beginnings of things) led me to Marvel’s most current effort of the Ultimates and how Marvel films looks to inhabit that re-thought and re-strategized universe. How Spidey got bitten by a genetically-engineered spider instead of a radioactive one, how Bruce Banner is mentally separate from the Hulk, and how SHIELD is led by a black Sam Jackson-lookin’ Nick Fury instead of a flat-topped white guy chompin’ a cigar is leading towards the Marvel Civil War dream Stan Lee is probably jerkin’ off to. 

Not to say it’s not something to be excited about. I’m just saying I was in the mood for a story that hits you and leaves you be. Not a story that hits you, forces you to buy the merchandise, and makes you sign up for an email list that’ll forever send you mail about shit you don’t need. And then asks if you want to super-size that. That’s why I always felt DC to be the real storytellers, while you leave the franchises and chain-store-like stories to Marvel. I would’ve loved to have been a comic book buff, but only if it didn’t require the real-estate to store ’em all in. 

Enough of the rant. What I’m getting at is that a story has a beginning, a plot or conflict, and a resolution or end. (Ironically, this contradicts the title of this post.) It might just be my eager anticipation of The Dark Knight, but I argue that DC must have writers made out of Angus beef, cuz they’re that good. My buddy David Blanco recommended Alan Moore’s 12 book series called The Watchmen a long while back, and I figure I’d revisit that recommendation. 

This story is everything I’ve wanted from a comic book. I will divulge in depth simply because I can. The depiction of the human condition set in three by three frames is so fantastical, yet so vividly relatable that you find yourself reminding yourself that you’re just reading a comic book. 

Nah, son. This shit’s real. The characters in this series are so complex, so painstakingly detailed, that I’m actually glad they attached them to a graphic representation because the mere idea of each of them is already a lot to handle. The story is a deep analysis of a masked hero, someone who believes in something, and then decides to establish a new identity and do something about it. It confounds me to how much Alan Moore was able to extract and craft from just that concept. Society, a governed state, factions, politics, public outlook, the media, morality, technology, progress, philosophy, and even love is changed with the one fictional element established in the universe of The Watchmen, and that’s the Superhero. 

This story could not have been told any other way, and I’m actually scared for the movie release next year to reduce this story into another stylized blockbuster that was easier for the public to swallow. I mean Hancock could’ve shared the same connotations The Watchmen expressed, but instead it sucked balls. That little kid in the beginning of the movie should’ve just shit on Will Smith’s face and saved the audience like an hour and a half to go watch some grass grow because nature was infinitely more entertaining.

I’m just saying. Here’s hoping The Watchmen becomes the superhero film next year.