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New Eyes
June 25, 2008, 11:22 pm
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So I got new glasses today. I never got a full eye exam before, (my doctor, Dr. Lee, was pretty cute) and I pretty much went through like 5 machines for the doctors to get enough data on the performance of what I thought were perfect eyes. I’m partly color blind, and I have less than stellar depth perception. Cool, huh? I’ve been blogging pretty frequently recently. It’s like I’m trying to talk to my own HAL 9000, but she’s too busy for me. [Insert Debbie Downer music here]


Silent Dancing…Silent Dancing…Silent Dancing
June 24, 2008, 8:55 pm
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So these here videos are an example of experience or environment design. Interestingly, Intel and Microsoft are upping the ante with very stylish commercials. I won’t say that their finally getting the idea that Apple’s been successfully implementing, but I will say that their finally finding their own style. I feel like the idea the big wigs at Intel and Microsoft are finally getting is that imitating Apple’s business swagger in their relationship with their consumer is just reinforcing that bond. Forging a new identity or corporate personality is essential, and it looks like they’re finally doing just that. I don’t blame them, Apple did get a head start with their cheesy ass user-experience commercial back in the day. 


So deep it spills over to the next generation
June 24, 2008, 1:17 am
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Movies/books/concepts that I find myself experiencing more than once not only have an aesthetic quality that makes me come back for more, but it presents an idea that has a hint/taste/insinuation of what can be truth. In these recent years, I’ve been trying to be perceptive to these things, which means I’ve been pretty open to ideas, and have even been diving into depth with some of these ideas. Coming from a variety of disciplines and schools of thought, I’ve begun to think about different career paths. I will cite sources with parentheses.

  1. Prophet Monk Ninja who can teleport: Both an ardent and passionate orator and a sometimes violent enforcer of non-violence, he will be traveling through lands of conflict to try to tip the scales for peace. (Steven Seagal, David Carradine)  Beginning his journey through a vow of silence (Guy from Little Miss Sunshine) whilst starting a winning career in mixed martial arts, he eventually tires of organized fighting as well as the weight of the attention of mass media. But after an unforeseen plane crash/terrorist attack (Cast Away/Ironman) he is reborn with an unstoppable desire to fight for the weak. His already extensive knowledge of mixed martial arts is further honed by real world experience and winning the Martial Arts World Tournament whose final prize is the Scroll of Enlightenment. (Kung Fu Panda/Dragon Ball Z) Once learning the secret to astral transportation (Avatar/Jumper) he sits on top of a pyramid while listening to the Earth’s cry for help. (Cue scene of Prophet Monk Ninja walking out of a fire with a damsel in distress in his arms, too bad he also took a vow of celibacy.)
  2. Brilliant But Bipolar Scientist Who Can Bench 500 lbs. and Can Outrun His Pet Tiger: While living a purpose-driven life dedicated to curing a deadly and contagious epidemic/inventing an endlessly renewable energy source (I am Legend/Spiderman 2), he begins to attract the attention of cut-throat capitalist pirates who want to profit off of the many applications of his novel technology. Subliminally being influenced by savvy businessmen trying to take control of his intellectual property, the scientist’s mind slowly copes with the sensory overload with the birth of an alternate personality with animal-like reflexes and intense, focused, and singular motivation to survive. At the public announcement of his final product that will not only save the world, but will also place certain evil people in control of it, the scientist snaps. Quickly ingesting the master schematics in the form of a USB drive (The Hulk) before he reverts into the mad alternate persona, he roams the earth under the radar to further evaluate how he should wisely implement his far-reaching technology. 
  3. Cyborg Journalist who has no real body and actually lives inside the Internet: With only the pursuit of truth driving his motivation, the humble journalist started work in the largest and most prestigious media news firm, which in the near future has dominated every conceivable channel of communication. As technology progresses and humans augment their lives to be more and more in touch with each other, real interactions become virtual (Blade Runner/Minority Report/Ghost in the Shell/Transmetropolitan) and the humble journalist sees fit to augment himself accordingly and tastefully to be in touch with the people he’s reporting on. Following a tip for a hot story, the spunky journalist falls into a rabbit’s hole of information he wasn’t supposed to see: the controversial rise of the news firm that now monopolizes not only the media but also is powerful enough to control the very state of society (V for Vendetta). Seeing no way out, the journalist is desperately forced to upload himself into the Internet. Still fueled by his passion for truth, he performs Internet guerilla tactics to attack the media and awaken support against the manipulation of the masses (The Matrix). 
This was supposed to be humorous, but this is actually kind of cool. I could see each of these characters in a Frank Miller comic book. (BTW, that one upcoming movie The Spirit looks noice.) Anyways, Imma take votes, so pick one. Or make one o’ yer own. Ya maggots.

My life on the Internets
June 21, 2008, 4:11 am
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I stumbled upon a guy named Kevin Lim and his blog just right now and he got me to thinking. He calls himself a social cyborg and without reading into it too much and seeing what his shtick really is (and why he has over a thousand readers and more than 700 followers [?? underlings/someone to make him PB&J sandwiches while he broadcasts his life on the internet??] ) I can see why he calls himself a social cyborg. He’s experimenting upon the effects of having even more public switches that affect him in some way. Spreading himself out thin over things like Blogger, his very nice WordPress site, and many other social networking sites is interesting because in essence he’s getting social feedback (while also affecting people connected to him) on everything he does. He’s pursuing a doctorate in communications in SUNY. (Ballin’!) Interestingly, the web already allows so many things in our life to be tracked. One example is my music graph I posted a while back showing a year’s worth of my music taste. Another example is the practical applications since the introduction of Google Earth. One can readily see the potential of attaching rich information onto maps, but showing people news like the genocide in Darfur that immediately connects to them with live information of the destruction of villages on Google Earth maps is just plain powerful. It’s like always citing the omniscient eye in your internal soliloquies but it actually existing. 

Information like that is very relevant in my opinion, and I firmly believe that my ability to become even more self-aware with technology like this is reflective of how the most pressing problem our generation faces is the “Oh, shit f’real” moment we’re all experiencing in seeing the real damage we’ve been doing to the Earth in our fleeting existence on this universe’s massive timeline. 

I mentioned that this got me to thinking. So to date, I have been on MySpace, Facebook, Last.fm, Blogger.com, and I had a simple rule when I was to participate in the game of Life on the Internets: not to be fake. The scary parts of what the Internet (and it’s promise of instant connectivity) is that what we see has even more potential to not be real. Cue in creepy virtual reality a la Minority Report or identity theft on the level of Ghost in the Shell. So I figure being real is the least I can do. (wink) 
I will just mention a couple things that do tempt the devil of fakery: 
  1. Untagging pictures: I admit I’ve done a couple, but keeping them on is actually good incentive to look better. (How superficial, huh? Hey, just keepin it real.) Work it out, people. This is also done for occupational reasons especially as the facebook generation drops the iPod for the Blackberry, but man, I just imagine profiles with that same damn smile on all 600 of their profile pictures. Not just ugly, but profane.  
  2. Emo blog posts: Guilty. I just put this here because really, when you post an emo blog post, you’re always over exaggerating. I don’t care. It’s true. (I’ll try to follow my own advice in this hurr blog) 
  3. Updating a status that doesn’t warrant updating: I just think practically this only works on AIM and GChat nowadays. (I guess facebook, twitter, and whatever) Maybe I just think getting OCD over a status is just silly. 
  4. Not blogging: Ultimately the most sinful, I believe the stifling of expression especially when we have been given this democratic environment, kills the soul. Let it out. Hug it out. 
Ahh. That’s better. I should also put up there posting unnecessary pictures but shit that’s fun.

 What’s that I’m holding? The smallest violin.

New Stuff
June 17, 2008, 7:31 am
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Having new stuff makes me happy. Here’s new music that’s right up there with me. New look, new mind, new life. [POST EDIT] Goodness gracious does the Diverse track, Escape Earth make me all tingly inside! Be sure to check out the music video as well.  [/POST EDIT]

Fun Run
June 5, 2008, 8:56 pm
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I decided to go on a bike ride today since I don’t have a gym membership anymore. Where to, you ask? South. I rode all the way to Jack London Square on the trusty ol’ Mach 5 and then after that didn’t know what do cuz it was pretty much a downhill run so I decided to go round Lake Merritt for a while till I found a hill, which happened to be Grand Avenue. I just hoped it would lead back home somehow, and at least my pigeon sense of direction was telling me I was the man. Hard ass hill once I got back closer to Broadway, I was ’bout to roll backwards. Soooo according to Google Earth, I went about 11.35 miles. That means when I flex my biceps my environment bends a little (ala Keanu in The Matrix).