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"What’s the difference between me and you?
April 4, 2007, 4:35 pm
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It's that I'm real kind show, this rap shit, I'd really do it
My whole life man is really music
Through my bass line, I'm livin' through it
Another expression of life, I couldn't live without it
I like my music pure, not watered down
DAMN!, it felt good to fulfill the dreams of gettin' out the hood
Kept me busy, gave me a chance to stop sellin' drugs
Spinnin' time in the basement kept me from actin' up
Zonin' out, wishin' Dre. could check it out
I'm here now, I can't believe it, Proof in the puddin'
Everything happened for a reason
Through this music I'm able to feed the family
When I'm stressed out, it's my insanity
It's a life style, all in the streets and in Hollywood
Music in my DNA, it's my livelihood.. music"

- Hi-Tek, on Music For Life, Hi-Teknology 2

Speed…I am Speed…
April 1, 2007, 11:58 pm
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Earl Abon, master Filipino marathon runner, says breath in through yo’ mouth and out through yo’ nose.
Breath in…
Snort out…