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What do you want to do?
March 17, 2007, 9:56 pm
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All I wanna do is ride around shinin’ while I can afford it
Plenty ice on my neck so I don’t get nauseous
Float around in the greatest of Porches
Feel like a chuck wagon cuz I’m on twelve horses
And the three behind mine (uh)
They be the click
So much ice in they rollies, the shit don’t tick, man
Winter through the summer
Care less what it cost me
And while I’m shoveling the snowman

Call me the Frawsty, lova

I really do believe the Clipse makes truly contemporary rap because of these reasons:

  • Their cadence, voices, rhymes are straight-up undistilled fire.
  • They know what gangsta rap means. They have endured the hustle, and their lyrics show that in the end they want to advance the state of their community by setting an example. Their deeper allegories and symbolisms are essentially religious, harking from more conscious gangsta rappers like Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Az Izz, and one of my favorites, Scarface.
  • They’re honest. They are cunningly nonchalant and admit that once and again they make mistakes, too. And they do admit that hey, we are “young, black, and just don’t give a fuck,” so they party like they’re “young, black, and just don’t give a fuck.”
  • They straight up like to fuck with you on stage in concerts. When you’re an artist, you can’t help but be a sociologist, too, so they know what gets you begging for more. Those openers for the recent Clipse concert in the Mezzanine in SF were sociologists, too. They know how to get the crowd absolutely still. (Cricket chirps.)

Check out a Clipse concert sometime, and stand in the vicinity of college and post-college aged folks dressed in faded jeans, tastefully multicolored sneakers, shirts with a clever play on words, and New Era hats. (And maybe a bandanna or Arabic head-dress around their necks.) Once Pusha and Malice comes on, they won’t be the only ones spittin’. I swear, Clipse concerts with a good crowd are really churches, where the lyrics sung are laced with the grime and grind of the streets.


Ears thirsty?
March 13, 2007, 5:36 am
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That’s what this album evokes in me. Once and again I like to go on a music-hunting excursion. Usually I find some attractive specimens, but in recent days, the hunt resulted in the capture of pretty subdued music. Smooth and easy to track, this music is necessary to woo the romantic in your soul, but sometimes I need it rough, and through a much more tactical approach to the hunt, this is what I found. Funky DL is real, homes. Give it a listen.

(Click on the album cover for a link to DL it on the DL. Shhhhh)

Oh Noes!
March 11, 2007, 10:30 am
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I just found the bike of my dreams being sold in Craigslist. I was so mad, I wrote in my book that I really have to start saving money. No joke.

1990’s Cannondale Track Bike – $1350 (palo alto)

1990’s Cannondale Track Bike – $1350 (palo alto) 54cm X 53cm, 31″ standover, hooked-up!
Goodies include: PhilWood/DeepV’s, Sugino75, Nitto, Flite, Thomson, MKS
Too small for me! Sell as a complete for $1350 or sell as frameset only for $550.
Prices are FIRM and cash/local pickups only, no shipping, no parting out, leave your phone number, be serious, thanks.

Wowowee Wow
March 11, 2007, 8:51 am
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I think good products have good names that actually describe the product. Nike Free’s are one of those products. My feet are definitely free.

Harold and Kumar is a great flick. It sucks though that the movie is basically a “coming of age” story of an Asian guy, through a night of unfortunate and fortunate events, finally grabbing life by the balls and sticking it to his white colleagues while doing the hot Spanish girl (Marrrrria, you gotta roll the r’s, it’s exotic) in the butt. Ok, not really, but that would’ve been tight. I mean, King Leonidas did it in in his movie, why can’t Harold? Anyway, when did this movie come out? Is it only now that Asians are sticking it to the man? I guess I have some more rebelling to do. (“I will NOT be smarter than you anymore! Never again! Fight the power!”)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is genius. Nuff’ said. (It was on in Bravo. It’s the channel with the faint scent of yuppie.)

I’m cruisin’. I need to get a new bike already. It’s nice that I have a place where I can store my obsessions when life gets a little crazy.

Props to Flickr user Olly C for the picture of DJ Yoda spinning to the aforementioned movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Amazing what you’d find after watching a movie, looking up the band “Simple Minds” because of a poster in a room in the movie, and reading about the writer of the movie in wikipedia, and then typing in “Ferris Bueller” in Flickr. NICE.

Oh, yea. Hell Hath No Fury is still a really good album.

This for the 100,000 dollar kitty German drivers
With big rims and low-pro tires
Fuckin' with college bitches with innocent looks like Mya
Corrupt they mind, turn 'em to liars
I groom 'em well


As my hands drip on them keys
March 6, 2007, 3:24 am
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This space attracts me. Here comes the ugly.

I am so frustrated that I want to feel flesh in my clenched fist. And its weird cuz I already do. I feel anxious for no apparent reason, and that frustrates me. I wish I could stare myself down, because that usually works. Piss off.

Mabuhay, ang kababayan ‘kong Pilipino.

Reality Check
March 4, 2007, 6:56 pm
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I put on my shirt backwards twice this morning. So on the third time, I made sure to put the arm I just pulled out of the sleeve into the other sleeve. By common sense, this should result in a shirt the right way forward. I still checked to see if it was backwards.

Who knows? I might be surprised.

Que que?
March 3, 2007, 8:23 pm
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I have been using the same username and password for everything I have signed up for in the internets since I moved to America in the 8th grade. I remember distinctly. I moved to a San Jose middle school called Mathson, and I remember that there would be parked around the school some really cool cars. Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas, some lowriders with a fresh kandy paint… Coming from Saudi Arabia, I saw none of these things. There was no need to express a sense of individuality with your car when you worried more whether or not it would start that day. I remember. My dad was just damn proud no one else had his Toyota Corona in blue for at least 10,000 camel paces.

So the car obsession took a firm grip on my balls. I decided to lean towards the Japanese imports because, YEA my hair was spiky and I loved to shift needlessly hard on my automatic and I loved high gas mileage that I plan to eventually get rid of with excessive modifications that would fail to make my Sentra look any less of a Sentra. I also loved to lurk in car forums and would so sneakily stalk who I’d think are the gurus of this particular ‘hood of car nerds. You’d think I was going to buy a car the next year with all the wealth of my prized 2 dollar bill (of which I seriously thought was an artifact that was going to blow up in value in any minute. Everybody knows 2 is better than 1!) I was doing so much research about most every Japanese car. I would have a list of what make and model I have decided on, a schedule spanning 5 years of what modifications I would do to it to match my budding driving skillz, and finally a list of aero parts with web addresses to the most obscure Japanese sites that I can’t even read, but at least they have a “add to cart” link with an American flag next to it. (Noted…)

Inlinesixer was the username I used for the longest time. I decided that inline-six engines that reside cars like the BMW M3 and the Nissan GT-R where for some reason symbolic to me. Why six cylinders? I was so sick of doing research I decided Nissan and BMW just wanted to be different.

Why am I bringing this up? It’s because recently my roommates downloaded Gunbound for every computer in the apartment and I was like “HEY.”


Imma make a new username that will reflect that which is me to those (in Gunbound) who read it.

“JEEZ if we still win I’ll buy you a hat”
“Samson_n_Delilah is a dum name…”
“NOOB yur ghey press READYYY”

Did I put much thought into this name? I’ll tell you once I’m over it.