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2 Things
February 26, 2007, 8:50 pm
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  1. I love that feeling right before you stop super-stretching (it’s normal stretching coupled with some grunts and moans).
  2. I like that feeling when you start to space out when you’re reading something, cuz I like to then space out on how I spaced out in the first place. It’s fun when you don’t have to do anything urgent.

That is all.


February 24, 2007, 7:06 pm
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I pretty much suck at this lent thing. I might as well write it down here so it’s official. So I gave up cursing, meat, cigarettes, and making fun of Catherine. Yea, and the only thing I’ve been able to keep up is the cigarettes part, which I’m very proud of. I’ve broken each of the other ones at least once. The cursing one gets on my nerves. A good friend of mine, Adrien, told me that some feelings are pretty hard to express without curse words. (Does that mean that you don’t have those feelings if you don’t curse?) I wrote it down as something to write about in the future.

Anyway, I wanna dedicate this post to a diamond in the rough I have found last night. So a little history first, I watched this movie called Duets back in winter break, and I loved it. The exact thought that passed in my head was: “Man, I can’t wait ’till the roomies turn 21 and we go on a drunken karaoke-ing rampage.” And that is exactly what happened last night. This place called Jaguar in a Korean section down Telegraph…. ROCKS. Seriously. It said so on the screen once I scored 77 on “Tears in Heaven.”

All I’m saying is that y’all need to experience the magic that is Karaoke. I mean don’t you ever wonder where all the Asians are in your local pub? It’s because they choose to stay decolonized and true to their roots, because for Asians, beer doesn’t go with chicken wings and football on TV. We require action. Passion. We’ve found out that the intoxicated blubbering isn’t because of the alcohol, it’s the Korean, Japanese, Filipino pop star struggling to come out. Hey, don’t get mad. It’s science.

Do yourself a favor and experience the Karaoke. Or at least watch Duets.

I wanna buy a new bike…
Shout out to Paul for finishing another masterpiece…

Run Run Run Run Run Run
February 17, 2007, 6:57 am
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Allow me to introduce this post as a stream of consciousness of me trying to make a decision:

So it all comes down to what do I like better: The Japanese or The Italian.

I’m trying to make a decision as to what Track Bicycle I want. A Keirin Frame or an Italian Frame. So pretty much I’m obsessed with my bicycle and all things that somehow relate to the logic of the fixed gear. Which is EVERYTHING. Yeesh. So do I want the Japanese Frame with its Keirin-Sport heritage? Or do I want the Italian Frame which its Velodrome-Sport heritage. So even the Japanese are obsessed with the Italians. Like the artists, hipsters/hip-hop heads in Japan. Here, they’re just turning the culture to an “extreme” sport. They started making fixie videos just like snowboarding and skateboarding videos. Here, there’s some love for the Japanese Keirin Culture, and how fuckin hardcore they are.


I need to go to rehab
February 7, 2007, 8:43 pm
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I can’t believe this. My bike’s in the shop for one day, and I feelin’ the hurt already. 
Am I that addicted to accelerating the world under me? YEEEESSH.  

Brace Yourself
February 4, 2007, 5:36 pm
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So I broke my bike again. But I would have never known about this tight ass bike shop in Oakland called Montano Velo. I mean I couldn’t even get through the front of the shop to ask the mechanic for a quote. So many nice bikes…

Yea, so basically I got toe-clips on my bike now, and I finally learned how to do those bastardly skip-stops those fuckers at campus could do. No more shall they mock me in such a subtle way! But that’s how I broke my bike too, haha. Anyways, I decided to stop fuckin around and build this bike up right. I shall post pictures of my Raleigh when it’s finished. I should name that bike, too. I figure it should have a name that kinda relates to my facial expression while I’m riding it. People that catch me when I’m riding say I have a crazy face on.

This is David Munson’s bike from Columbia, MO, courtesy of http://www.fixedgeargallery.com. I like the low-profile style since it has pretty baller parts. Hopefully, my bike will look just as nice when it’s finished.