Just a thought.

January 12, 2007, 6:20 am
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Watching movies on TV is alright. Contrary to the popular opinions in my head.

Just when you get really into the movie, that commercial for Raisin Bran Crunch comes up reminding me that there’s a world outside that window I call my television. 

“I like Raisin Bran because in the middle of the word Kellog’s is ‘ello,’ like the British greeting. ‘Ello Guvna’!”

“I have some things encoded in my DNA. Like sometimes I can tell how you’re full of it.” (It’s from that Sonic’s commercial.

Alright, I should get off my ass now.


Quantity or Quality
January 11, 2007, 8:12 am
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I’ve noticed that my posts are getting pretty hefty. Am I actually trying to say something?

Maybe I’ll go for quickies from now on. Let’s start.

I tried to find something truly useful today. I think sticks are useful. You can bunch a few together and make a broom, since cleanliness is next to Godliness, and eventually make a house with a bunch more.

January 7, 2007, 8:43 am
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Why is it I can’t sleep when I want to sleep? Yeesh, my mind’s like an infomercial…

“BUT WAIT, there’s MORE!”

Alright, on to the crazy shit that’s keeping me awake. So I would think that I was spending my winter break wisely. Instead of stressing about the upcoming semester and the so-called rush for internships that I’m supposed to be dong since it’s my 3rd year, I’m actually relaxing. But as you can tell, denial is the first step to truth. In actuality, I am stressing about that stuff, but as per usual, I go about dealing with that problem in the most round-about manner possible. Which usually involves distracting myself with shiny things.

Anyways, I’ve given into the allure of this Web 2.0 that seemingly crept up behind me this whole time. Seriously, where did it come from? And where has it been all my life? Yeesh. It’s kinda like being ambushed by a giant cupcake. You get over the fact that you got scared shitless in like a millisecond because, shit, it’s a giant cupcake. Anyways, I really like where this is going. I guess blogging is kind of part of the movement, but it didn’t really occur to me the real power of being connected with a ton of people. Maybe cuz I don’t really expect anyone to read what I’m writing. (Or do I? There must be some type of psychological complex for that…) What really made me believe is del.icio.us. This is probably the single most amazing thing to ever happen on the internet.

It’s not so much a site rather than the single most greatest analogy of how the mind works. I mean it does depend on the community that is already on it, and yes, for now it represents a particularly savvy demographic of photographers, (I found Patrici on it! She’s iciwici here on blogspot I think…) philosophers, bikers, bloggers, and generally people who are internet savvy. But goddamn. It’s good. I’ve been obsessed about fixed gear bicycles for the past semester and shit, I found out a lot more about them with del.icio.us. It’s like you have a thought that “Yea, someone out there must know more about this…” and sure, there’s search sites, but that implies that you have a question to go on in the first place. A clue, perhaps, a keyword, or a lyric of a song. With del.icio.us, you add in your favorite site, and consequently find tons of people interested in the same thing. All without the awkwardness of actual human interaction. Oh joy! But hey, I probably would know more about this guy who I subscribed to for his bike links, that when I would meet him at a party or something. Whowuddathunk?

Shit, I should probably get to a point, well this is what’s been keeping me up. Scared the shit out of me. This was under the bunch of links for people still trippin’ of the Matrix. I mean, I am.

Oh yea I was supposed to review a bunch of albums during the break. I did listen to all of them, but I particularly tried to listen into Nas’ new album Hip Hop is Dead. So maybe I’ll delve into that here.

Hip-Hop is dead is one ill album. It’s got deft beats, Nas’ sharp tongue, and a cage-rattling message. From what I get from it, Nas is first silencing the haters, within hip-hop and outside of it, that hip-hop doesn’t necessarily embody the type of beat that it’s identified with, or the kind of cadence it’s supposed to have, it embodies the struggle. And you can express that with gangsta beats, with jazzy beats, with a Neptune beat, high on the Ganja, whatever, it’s a movement rather than a genre. It also addresses the fact that you have to be associated to a ‘hood to gain respect in rap. Nas reminds that he decided to hustle in this rap game precisely to get out of the hood, and sure, you can’t take the ‘hood out of him, but he’s certainly not going back. Progress, people. He definitely rises above labels with this album, be sure to give it a listen. I mean he samples off “Unforgettable”. That’s gangsta. i{content: normal !important}

Space Odyssey 2006
January 1, 2007, 10:36 am
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I think I may have experienced something as close to a religious epiphany as epiphanies can get while also being conveniently appropriate as I end my year of 2006.

I went to the Gnarls Barkley/Flaming Lips Concert at San Francisco on the night of December 30th and yes, it is all you can imagine, plus space. Yes, SPACE. ALL OF IT. The one analogy I consistently use to describe my non-soberness that involves certain little green friends was the setting chosen for that night’s musical concert greatness. I won’t even try to describe it through mere WORDS. Fuck that. I’ll just say, I was speechless the whole 2 hour bus ride across the Bay Bridge and at church the morning after and while rocking out on the ride back to Salinas, at Target tripping out playing Geometry Wars on the XBox 360, at In-n-Out scarfing down a delicious serving of Animal Fries, all the way home until I remembered that, hey, New Year’s is actually tonight! Duuude…

Amidst the Feng Shui antics that revolves around Filipino New Years traditions, the reflection of the past 24 hours gave me a pretty good reason to talk about the nature of music as I have experienced it this past year. It’s getting pretty damn interdisciplinary.

And of course, this is entirely my opinion manufactured in this head of mine, but is Alternative even alternative anymore? And how are you going to even try to classify Gnarls Barkley to any genre of music? Cuz it has Cee-Lo shredding the vocals with no less than a GOLDEN microphone with a viciously sexy quartet of violins by his side aptly named “The G-Strings” and Dangermouse cutting it up behind him? Please.

But I think there is one thing we all can agree on, and that is ROCK. Almost anyone can witness with their eyes, ears, and heart when a band is truly rockin’. It gives me the heebie jeebies. Thank you Flaming Lips, for giving me hope. There is still rock left in this world, people. So let me sign off with a list of Rockin’ Things of 2006:

  • Tenacious D, and The Pick of Destiny
  • The Flaming Lips, At War with the Mystics
  • Gnarls Barkley, St. Elsewhere
  • Metalocalypse, an Adult Swim Cartoon featuring DETHKLOK
  • Venture Bros., another Adult Swim Cartoon

I’m sure there are more. I mean, the Earth’s crust is like 60% METAL. Onward, to 2007!