Just a thought.

Sedimentary Layer
September 21, 2006, 3:12 pm
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I would like to leave an imprint of my memory onto the internet. Just in case in the future, they can discover it when they dig it up.

The sun is pretty bright and warm this morning. I’m getting awfully lazy with my pushups, but at least the barbells are fun. I had a dream last night that I withdrew from my one position in a student group. I should get to that already. I’m starting to appreciate non-honey nut cheerios. Maybe it’s just because I like milk so much, it doesn’t matter. I’m older than one of my co-workers. She’s graduating this year. I really like my carpet.

An encyclopedia entry would look like this:

Jarrett Bato
He liked non-honey nut cheerios

I’d be happy.

I bring tales of my journey…
September 10, 2006, 9:22 pm
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I feel the quickest way to have one of those “We need to catch up,” conversations is to use all you have available in your powers of expression to tell a story. Whenever I talk I try to include as much pelvis thrusting, eye-widening, ecstatic screaming, and excessive hand-gestures to express what I need to express to another person at some point in time. In the internet it’s much harder. All’s I got is clever combinations of words, imaginative analogies, and maybe I’ll throw in some alliterations once in a while. Or do I? PSYCH.

Well, let’s get started shall we? I last updated before my only class ended in the summer, so I’ll start there. Cheerio. God save the queen.

Phew. That was a mouthful.